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What is a Dental Technician?
A Dental Technician is a regulated health care professional registered with the Nova Scotia Dental Technicians Association (NSDTA) to practise dental technology within the framework of the Nova Scotia Department of Health and the NS Dental Technology Act & Bylaws. The legislation allows Dental Technician’s to autonomously perform the full scope of dental technology practice and to supervise the technical aspects of dental laboratory operation.

Who is a Registered Dental Technician
Is a Dental Technician who successfully completing five examinations, in the four disciplines of dental technology;
(a) Removable Prosthetics;
(b) Fixed Prosthetics;
(c) Ceramics;
(d) Orthodontics.
It is illegal for anyone other than a registered member of the Nova Scotia Dental Technicians Association to use any of the above mentioned titles or its abbreviation or variation.

Who is a Dental Technician
Is a person who works under the supervision of a Registered Dental Technician and maybe in the process of obtaining their examinations to become a registered dental technician.

What is the scope of dental technology practice?

The practice of dental technology is the design, construction, repair or alteration of dental prosthetic, restorative and orthodontic devices.

How do I benefit from the services of an RDT or a DT?
You will be sure that he/she is competent and is capable of providing high standards of service. A practising registered dental technician holds a certificate of Registration issued by the NSDTA.

To qualify for registration, the person must

  • pass the NSDTA registration examination;
  • practise according to the laws that govern health professionals in the province;
  • practise according to the standards and the qualities set by the NSDTA;
  • continually updates his/her knowledge, skills and competency.

Where do RDT’s and DT’s practise?
Dental Technicians usually work in dental laboratories, owned and operated by a Registered Dental Technician independent of dentists’ offices. Some work in institutions such as universities, colleges and hospitals that offer dental technology services.
Unless your dentist operates an in-house laboratory, he/she will send your impression, together with the prescription to the laboratory of a Registered Dental Technician, where the design and/or fabrication, repair of the prescribed prosthesis takes place. While working in separate locations, RDT’s, DT’s and dentists work closely together as a team. Dentists rely on a registered dental technicians’ professional judgment in the filling of prescriptions, including:

  • assessing and interpreting prescriptions;
  • consulting to jointly consider changes that are beneficial to the patient;
  • determining the shape and contours, material and methods of production.

Do I ever need to see a registered dental technician?
You may need to contact the dental laboratory direct, when

  • your dentist refers you to a technician to have the colour of your crown verified;
  • your dentist calls upon a technician to provide technical assessment and assist him/her in planning a procedure.

How do I know that a Registered Dental Technician is registered with the Association?
Registered dental labs can be found by clickling a link on the homepage. For individual RDTs, you can contact us for confirmation of registration.